Monday, January 7, 2013

The Wine Bottle Stopper Tutorial

New Year, New Projects!

I started this New Year with a great inspiration to create polymer clay pieces. Using my Premo! Colors, I made the bracelets, rings, pendants, and necklaces: as many as I could create in these last 2 weeks!

Let me tell you about a special piece that is simple to make and is a showstopper.  

The Wine Bottle Stopper.

Condition 2 colors of Premo! Clay (or other brand) with the #2 setting of your pasta machine
(I used Gold, and Dark Blue colors).
-  Making a swirl cane:
Place one color on top of the other and roll. Reserve.

- Covering the wooden cylindrical wine top stoppers blank:
In the first one, I covered with the Gold color and the second one I used the navy blue color.
For the cylinder’s top, I used the round cookie cutter.

Now, make thin slices from your swirl cane, and place each slice randomly on each stopper top.
Bake according the product orientation.

Let them cool. Sand and buff to gets a nice shine.          

See you soon! :-)